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8 Reasons to Dive the Alacrity Rocks

Thursday 3rd June 2010 by Clayton

As the camera fills up and files need to be deleted, the monthly cleansing can gobble up good photos hidden among many that are out of focus or of the lens cover or any other camera blunder that goes hand in hand with underwater photography.   As I was sifting through the memory card, I came across the photos below taken by Bruce and Teresa only 2 weeks ago.  Of 100+ photos, these 8 caught my eye and makes me wish I was diving every single day of the week.

01-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 02-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 03-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 04-mai-dive-resort-may-2010

If these critters don't wet your appetite for diving, then you've probably already seen it all and need to sell your diving gear. Just kidding.

Anyways, Teresa took these photos with a Sea and Sea over 3 days of diving in the Alacrity Rocks region on the western side of the Astrolabe Reef in Fiji.

05-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 06-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 08-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 07-mai-dive-resort-may-2010

And yes, that is a huge octopus!