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Underwater Macro Photography on the Astrolabe Reef

Sunday 13th December 2009 by Clayton

Each dive they would swim very slowly, if at all, looking closely at the coral for tiny creatures and coral, then photographing them (bracketing each shot) until their tanks were empty.  Siwa and Petero were both confused on how to deal with divers that wanted to swim around and what to do with Aaron and Tara just staying in one spot.  But after a couple of dives, everyone worked out what to do and these pictures are what came about.

puffer-fish red-fish small-blue-fish nemo-again

nemo-with-baby red-coral small-nemo trumpet-rainbow-fish

white-and-yellow-coral white-sea-slug wrase turtle

Seeing Aaron and Tara's photos are what made me realize what is out there to see.  Most people travel all over the world from city to city thinking they have seen it all.  But, I think, if you have not travelled under water, you are missing out on a big part of the world.