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Ono Island - Land of the Giants

Wednesday 9th December 2009 by Clayton

The first day, Kuki, myself and Bruce went trolling outside the Alacrity Rocks region.  During that trip, I caught the Spanish Mackrel in the picture below--my first big catch while living in Fiji.

It wasn't until the very last day of their stay that Bruce went out with Kuki in the small fiberglass 60HP boat when Bruce caught the fish below.  They spent the morning popper fishing in the D'Urville Chanel in the North Astrolabe and came up with one Trevally.  After a quick lunch, they headed south to popper fish just outside of Naiqoro Passage.  Bruce said he caught these fish by casting into the surf just before the waves broke over the reef and had Kuki reverse quickly to drag them away from the sharp coral.

bruce-with-gt-in-afternoon 3-trevellys-1-gt bruce-with-lure-trevellys bruce-with-gt clayton-waloo

The largest fish caught that day was a 15 kilogram Giant Trevally.

Bruce didn't want to waste anything so he left behind the fish for everyone at the Resort to eat Trevally for the next month. HA!

Thanks for all of the good eats!