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Weddings Rings and Spear Guns

Monday 2nd November 2009 by Clayton

Pete and I both pointed out a few spots for them to swim around then conspired about the next days activities.  We rigged up a couple of hand spears and made sure all of our gear was ready to take them out the next day for some more spear fishing.

In their first full day at Mai Dive, Petero, myself, Justin, and Naomi all went fishing at a deep water channel 200 yards in front of the Resort.  Pete caught 2 Trevellys, Justin caught 1 Trevelly, Naomi nothing, and I caught a fish smaller than my pinky accident. HA!  Needless to say, we had plenty of food to eat for the next few days thanks to Pete and Justin.

3-trevellys justin-goat-fish justin-naomi-together

After days and days of fishing in the morning, coming in for a big, healthy lunch, then heading back out to fish some more, Justin caught the big Job Fish and Naomi caught the Parrot Fish shown in the pictures below.  If I remember correctly, that was Naomi's first Parrot fish ever.

job-fish-justin justin-happy-with-job-fish justin-job-fish naomi-parrot-fish

From myself and all the gang at Mai Dive, thanks for all of the fun and congratulations on the marraige.