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The Perfect Time of Year

Wednesday 19th May 2010 by Clayton

On Monday, Kuki and I were driving a group of guests back from Vunisea Airport when we spotted two different pods of dolphins.  I almost jumped off the boat in my street clothes I was so excited to see them.  And then today on the way back from scuba diving in Naiqoro Passage, Siwa and I came upon a group of 20 juvenile dolphins.  But as we tried to get closer, they heard the engine and swam away.  This video was filmed in January just outside of Naiqoro Passage.
As for the Mantas, they are back for good, that is, until the summer comes again in November.  Two days in a row this week, we all swam with 3-4 Manta Rays, getting an up close and personal look at the large black one who is obviously not afraid of on lookers snorkeling above him.  The video below was made in 2009 from clips a few guests we nice enough to share.
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