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The Perfect Time of Year

Wednesday 19th May 2010 by Clayton


We've had these two videos sitting around on YouTube for a while, but since we saw Manta Rays on Monday and Tuesday as well as dolphins on Monday and Thursday, I felt like re-posting these two beauties.  

A Crazy Day in Beqa Lagoon

Monday 5th April 2010 by Clayton


Bull sharks, Lemon sharks, Silver Tips, massive Trevally, a giant Cod.  Only two words can describe this unbelievable sight--AWESOME and SURREAL.
Awesome to see natures furry and grace all wrapped into one event.  And surreal for the two dives to be completely inaudible.  Not being able to hear the chomping of Tuna heads or the swish of the water when the sharks darted for the food made Jason and I feel like we were watching TV instead of being meters away from the action.
I almost wanted to reach out and touch everything just to prove that it was real, but then I thought better....
Thankfully, I put a nice soundtrack to this mash up so turn up your speakers and enjoy.


Cyclone Mick

Tuesday 15th December 2009 by Clayton

10:30 PM Monday night Cyclone Mick skirted the north side of the Kadavu group bringing  strong winds to the north and east side of the Astrolabe Reef.  By tracking the storm for 2 days prior, we were able to make preparations to protect ourselves, the guests, and staff. Although it sounds serious, the storm only brought strong winds and heavy rains.  Our sea wall worked like a charm and cleaning the ground of any loose items helped in getting through it all.

jason-clayton dive-cleaning beach-tree front-lawn-restaurant



The New Camera at the Astrolabe Reef

Saturday 26th December 2009 by Clayton

Last week, Jason entrusted me with a new underwater camera and an awesome wide angle lense.  At first, I was a bit hesitant to use it in fear of breaking the little guy, but luckily I'm not that big of a baby.  So today was the first time I took it underwater and all went well.

snorkeling-above-coral coral-from-the-surface coral-platue



12 Beautiful Images of the Astrolabe Reef in Fiji

Monday 7th December 2009 by Jason

On Sunday, Siwa, Kuki, and myself took four guests out to the Alacrity Rocks region to scuba dive and snorkel.  The first site we visited is called Yabu which is just inside the broken western side of the north Astrolabe Reef.  The second site was probably Split Rock.  I don't know for sure because I was asleep on the beach for most of the morning.

hard-white-coral hanging-soft-coral amanda-scuba-diving nemo-fish