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Wednesday 14th December 2011 by Jason



Pictures say it all

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Thursday 6th October 2011 by Jason

We get a lot of photographers that come to stay with us at Mai Dive. I am always impressed with the way people who know how to take a photo can actually capture the feel of the place in their work. I would like to share with you a link to some of Michaels photo from his stay with us. We are particular grateful for the prints that he sent for our staff. They have then posted up on wall in their house with pride. A big thankyou to Henk and Claudia who were looking after the place during Michael and Luba’s stayed at Mai Dive. Everyone had fun. Hope you enjoy the pics………



Mai Dive Wins Travellers Choice Award - AGAIN!!!

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Friday 4th March 2011 by Jason

We are really very happy to share that for the second year running we won BEST SERVICE award in Trip Advisor -2011 Travellers Choice Awards. We managed to hold on to our #10 position for all of the South Pacific. I would like to thanks our guests for their wonderful reviews, my family and our wonderful staff for their dedication and smiles. Come spend some time with us at Mai Dive!!



Introducing a more sustainable and responsible operation in 2011

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Thursday 21st October 2010 by Clayton

Mai Dive is excited to announce that beginning January 1st, 2011 we will arrange domestic air travel for all of our guests between Nadi and Kadavu. Each Saturday our guests will meet the Pacifc Sun flight in and out of the small airport on Kadavu. Coordinating Saturday travel for all guests to and from our remote location on the Astrolabe Reef will significantly decrease our carbon footprint and provide a more sustainable and responsible operation for our future. At the time of booking your stay, Danielle will be happy to make all of these domestic travel arrangements for you.

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8 Reasons to Dive the Alacrity Rocks

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Thursday 3rd June 2010 by Clayton

As the camera fills up and files need to be deleted, the monthly cleansing can gobble up good photos hidden among many that are out of focus or of the lens cover or any other camera blunder that goes hand in hand with underwater photography.   As I was sifting through the memory card, I came across the photos below taken by Bruce and Teresa only 2 weeks ago.  Of 100+ photos, these 8 caught my eye and makes me wish I was diving every single day of the week.

01-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 02-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 03-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 04-mai-dive-resort-may-2010

If these critters don't wet your appetite for diving, then you've probably already seen it all and need to sell your diving gear. Just kidding.

Anyways, Teresa took these photos with a Sea and Sea over 3 days of diving in the Alacrity Rocks region on the western side of the Astrolabe Reef in Fiji.

05-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 06-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 08-mai-dive-resort-may-2010 07-mai-dive-resort-may-2010

And yes, that is a huge octopus!


The Perfect Time of Year

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Wednesday 19th May 2010 by Clayton


We've had these two videos sitting around on YouTube for a while, but since we saw Manta Rays on Monday and Tuesday as well as dolphins on Monday and Thursday, I felt like re-posting these two beauties.  

Mr. Happy

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Friday 23rd April 2010 by Clayton

Thank you so very very much to Scott and Julianne, Wayne and Karen, and Andrew and Sharon.

01-mai-dive-resort-fiji 02-mai-dive-resort-fiji 03-mai-dive-resort-fiji 04-mai-dive-resort-fiji 05-mai-dive-resort-fiji 06-mai-dive-resort-fiji

First of all, thank you for such a fun time.  Scuba diving in Naiqoro Passage, swimming at the waterfall, snorkeling on the big reef, cutting a trail to the top of the mountain, jokes at dinner with Dave and Jeanie, the Mr. Happy shirt, my new hair cut, taking the chain saw into the bush, drinking kava and dancing in Narikoso Village, and all of the other fun times we shared for a short time here in Fiji.



A Crazy Day in Beqa Lagoon

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Monday 5th April 2010 by Clayton


Bull sharks, Lemon sharks, Silver Tips, massive Trevally, a giant Cod.  Only two words can describe this unbelievable sight--AWESOME and SURREAL.
Awesome to see natures furry and grace all wrapped into one event.  And surreal for the two dives to be completely inaudible.  Not being able to hear the chomping of Tuna heads or the swish of the water when the sharks darted for the food made Jason and I feel like we were watching TV instead of being meters away from the action.
I almost wanted to reach out and touch everything just to prove that it was real, but then I thought better....
Thankfully, I put a nice soundtrack to this mash up so turn up your speakers and enjoy.


Manta Ray Madness at Ono Island, Fiji

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Tuesday 19th January 2010 by Clayton

Just when we all thought Manta Rays found another home away from the Astrolabe Reef, BAM! manta ray sightings 2 days in a row right off Paradise Beach on Ono Island.

The first day, the gang spotted their wing tips coming through the water's surface.  As the boat was coming in for their surface interval after diving at Split Rock, they spotted the manta rays feeding in the water.  Kevin made sure to take full advantage of the moment, exclaiming "STOP THE BOAT! STOP THE BOAT!"  Kevin, Jason, and the rest of the crew quickly readied their mask, snorkel, and fins to have a swim with the manta rays for more than 30 minutes.

manta-ray-fiji1 inside-manta-ray-mouth manta-ray-swimming manta-ray-astrolabe-reef kevin-after-manta-ray-swim



The New Camera at the Astrolabe Reef

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Saturday 26th December 2009 by Clayton

Last week, Jason entrusted me with a new underwater camera and an awesome wide angle lense.  At first, I was a bit hesitant to use it in fear of breaking the little guy, but luckily I'm not that big of a baby.  So today was the first time I took it underwater and all went well.

snorkeling-above-coral coral-from-the-surface coral-platue